Tracey D. Hooker

Grammy Winner


Tracey D. Hooker is a Grammy Award winning musician and author of, "Autobiography Of An Unknown Jazz Trumpeter" who resides in the South Puget Sound area of Olympia, Wa. He currently serves as Band Director at the Nova School for highly capable students and Director of the Olympia Jazz Senators. Mr. Hooker is a graduate of Regents College (SUNY) and a 22 year veteran of the United States Navy Music Program. In addition to having performed with many notable touring bands such as the O'Jays, Temptations, Debbie Boone, to name a few, Tracey regularly performs with the Keith Henson Octet, Freddy Pink (70's cover band), Life Center Church Orchestra, Purple Pheonix Orchestra and his own quarter, the Hook Me Up Band. Although he maintains a busy performance schedule, Mr. Hooker conducts an in-home Trumpet Studio working with tomorrow's fine instrumentalist. Tracey is a Trumpet Artist for the Cannonball Music Company along with an endorser of Marcinkiewicz mouthpieces.

Mr. Hooker's book is available through Amazon. Release date September 19th 2016.

Visit Tracey D. Hooker's official Website for his band "Hook Me up".

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