(B5-L) Big Bell® Stone Series® Bari
Gold Lacquer

(B5-BR) Big Bell® Stone Series® Bari (Brute®)
Aged-Brass Patina

(B5-BL) Big Bell® Stone Series® Bari
Polished Black-Nickel Body / Gold Lacquered Keys

(B5-BS) Big Bell® Stone Series® Bari
Polished Black-Nickel Body / Silver-Plated Keys

(B5-B) Big Bell® Stone Series® Bari
Polished Black-Nickel

(B5-BICEB) Big Bell® Stone Series® Bari (Raven®)
Iced Black-Nickel Body / Polished Black-Nickel Keys

Stone Series® Pro Baritone
We designed the Big Bell® Stone Series® Saxophones for you to be able to play without limits, feeling each note vibrate in your hands. The combination of fine hand-engraving and semi-precious natural stone touch pieces from the deep earth make each saxophone an art piece in itself.
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Two Necks
Each Cannonball Big Bell® Stone Series® Bari Saxophone comes with two necks, one in the finish of the instument, and the other silver-plated.

Big Bell®
Each Big Bell® Stone Series® model comes with our proven Big Bell® design loved by many of the greatest saxophonists in the world including Gerald Albright, Eric Darius, Najee, Paul Taylor, and many more.

Semi-Precious Stones
The Stone Series® is adorned with semi-precious stones. These beautiful stones give the instrument a striking look, as well as changing the way the instrument resonates.
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Hard Rubber Mouthpiece

Cannonball Mouthpieces are made of quality hard rubber and carefully crafted play easily and to create a clear, rich, beautiful tone. They are the choice of many professional saxophonists around the world.

17 Semi-Precious Stones

In addition to their striking beauty, the semi-precious stones adorning Cannonball saxophones are patented for the tonal characteristics they add to the saxophone.

Low A to High F#

The added High F# and Low A keys extend the saxophone’s range and make this baritone a more versatile horn.

Oversized Post Foundations

The bases of the key posts are oversized to provide a larger surface area where the posts are soldered to the body. This makes the instrument stronger and more rigid, which helps keep the instrument in adjustment and minimizes damage if hit or dropped.

Guard for High F# and High E Keys

The top two keys on Cannonball baritones are protected by an added guard to increase the durability of the saxophone.

Two Hand Customized Necks

Each Big Bell® Stone Series® baritone comes with two hand-customized necks of different finishes. Each neck is adjusted for superior projection, rich tone, and precise pitch. Our acoustical technicians meticulously adjust each neck to perform optimally on the specific saxophone.

Detachable Bell and Bow

The bell and bow can be removed from the body by a qualified repair technician in the event of serious damage. This reduces repair costs as it allows repairs to be done quicker, easier, and more effectively.

Triple Annealed Bell, Bow, & Neck

The bell, bow, and necks go through an annealing process several times, heating and then cooling the brass to specific temperatures. This annealing process gives the horn a warmer, more even tone. Cannonball’s hand-hammering process, which follows annealing, hardens the brass and gives our instruments superior ring and resonance.

Italian Water-Resistant Leather Pads with Wool Felt

Our Italian water-resistant leather pads have been specifically chosen for long life, excellent sealing, and the superior feel they add to the key action.

Convex Nickel-Plated Brass Resonators

Our pads have riveted nickel-plated brass resonators that are specifically chosen for optimum performance and sound.

Blued Steel Springs

Steel needle springs allow for the most precise, even key tension. The bluing process makes the steel resistant to rust and corrosion, which extend the life of the springs.

Upper and Lower Stack Adjustment Screws

Upper and Lower Stack Adjustment Screws allow you to acheive a precise regulation of your instrument for perfect sealing.

Power Forged Keys

Forged brass has much greater strength and uniformity than molded brass, so our keys resist bending and hold their adjustment exceptionally well over time.

Pivoting C# - Bb Table Mechanism

The “tilting spatula” rocking mechanism allows fast and fluid transitions between the low C-sharp and low B-flat keys.

Relief Springs on G# and Low C# Keys

Relief springs help lift open the G-sharp and C-sharp keys when they would otherwise “stick” and remain closed.

Machined One-Piece Neck Receiver

Instead of soldering the post that holds the neck tension and lyre screws, our receiver is machined out of a solid piece of brass. This adds great strength and durability to the neck receiver.

Double Arms on Bell Keys

We added an extra arm to reinforce the large bell keys and keep them in adjustment over time.

Adjustable Metal Thumb Hook

Our sturdy brass thumb hook is adjustable so you can set it to the angle that best fits your own hands.

Stabilizing Brace for Left-Hand Spatula

The four left-hand table keys are susceptible to being knocked out of adjustment when their top post moves, so we have added an additional lateral brace to keep it in place, especially when the horn is hit or dropped.

Double Bell to Body Brace

In addition to the front-to-back stabilization of the traditional “logo” brace, we added a side-to-side brace on our tenors and baritones to keep the bell section in place if the horn is hit or dropped.

Hand Acoustically Customized

The most important thing that sets Cannonball apart is the acoustical customizing that we do to every instrument. Specially trained and talented acoustical adjusters work on each saxophone, adjusting the bore, air flow, and more until they are satisfied that each horn has an open altissimo, rich lows, even timbre, full-bodied sound, and in-line overtones. When you pick up a Cannonball saxophone, we want you to enjoy it as much as our acoustical technicians do - we want you to say, "I can't put this horn down!"

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