Saxophone Accessories


Cannonball Mouthpieces are made of quality hard rubber and carefully crafted to gain the best tone quality possible. They are the choice for many professional saxophonists around the world. Check with your local Cannonball Musical Instruments dealer for availability.

Mouthpieces Recommendations

ModelTip OpeningMeasurementRecommended For:
Alto CAM C*C*.067"Concert Band, Classical
Alto CAM 5J5.071"Jazz, Blues, Rock, etc.
Soprano CSM C*C*.055"Concert Band, Classical
Soprano CSM 77.073"Jazz, Blues, Rock etc.
Tenor CTM CC.078"Concert Band, Classical
Tenor CTM 5J5.086"Jazz, Blues, Rock, etc.
Tenor CTM 77.100"Jazz, Blues, Rock, etc.
Bari CBM C*C*.078"Concert Band, Classical
Bari CBM 44.086"Concert Band, Classical
Bari CBM 66.098"Jazz, Blues, Rock, etc.

Drag'n Swab

Never use regular swabs again!!

The Drag'n Swab is superior to other swabs. Most other swabs simply move the moisture inside the bore around. The Drag'n Swab's unique pull strings allow you to create a back and forth motion inside the bore of your saxophone, polishing it while dispersing and soaking up moisture. The swab is made up of many pieces of absorbent fabric that is cut in a way to get up into the tone holes to get moisture that may be lying near the pads.

Pro Compact Case

Cannonball compact cases were designed for the player needing the most compact, rugged, and lightweight case. The cases are extremely durable and resistant to stains and scuffs. They are made from the finest materials with heavy duty zippers. They are extremely light - 5.1 lbs (alto), and 7.6 lbs (tenor). The inside holds the horn snug, and is designed to resist damage from heavy use.

Alto: 5.1 lbs, 11 x 26 x 7 inches
Tenor: 7.6 lbs, 14 x 33 x 8 inches

See More Compact Case Pictures

Arc/Straight Soprano Stand

Supports a Straight Soprano as well as an Arc Soprano. The ball supports the curve in the Arc bell and prevents it from tipping. The mounting ball unscrews from the base and the base folds up for easy mobility.

Curved Soprano Stand

It's difficult to find a stand for a Curved Soprano. The Cannonball Curved Soprano stand is rugged and light weight and folds down small.

Baritone Saxophone Stand

The Bari Stand is extremely light weight, yet extremely sturdy. It is designed for the size and weight of a baris sax, but is very light weight. The top support detatches and the base folds down.

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