(688LX-S) Silver-Plated
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Lynx® Professional Trumpet
With its sleek design and light bell, the Lynx® is the perfect trumpet for "blow your socks off" high notes and zingy, vibrant tone. The new, sleek braces give the trumpet a unique, modern look and are specifically designed to promote free vibration throughout the range of the horn, while improving tone and intonation.


Big Bell® Design
Our Big Bell® and unique bell flare contribute to a vibrant sound and well balanced resistance.

The Lead Pipe
We build a little bit of resistance into our leadpipe to compensate for the open flare of our bell creating a pleasing feel. The heavy wall receiver delivers a focused tone.

Monel Pistons
Cannonball trumpets feature monel piston valves. Monel is a malleable metal alloy that ensures smooth and long lasting action. The metal re-arranges its shape with every stroke to insure a proper, tight fit and alignment with its casing. Monel resists pitting and corrosion so you won't have to have your valves re-plated. The metal also retains the valve oil longer than other leading materials.

Medium-Large Bore
We searched for the perfect bore size to facilitate a great air column. Even though the bore is technically Medium-Large, there are variations in the tube diameter across the instrument which create a comfortable degree of resistance as well as aligning pitch for great slotting.

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4.803" (122mm) Bell

Medium-Large Bore: .459" (11.66mm)

#18 Leadpipe

The Lynx®, #18 leadpipe is specifically designed for optimal resistance and balance that supports easy playability.

Lynx® Lightweight Resonance Bracing

The sleek, modern design of the Lynx® bracing promotes free vibration through the range of the horn, while improving tone and intonation.

Lightweight One-Piece, Hand-Hammered Bell Design

The Lynx® light-weight bell projects a vibrant, brilliant tone and crystal-clear sound.

Lightweight One-Piece, Hand-Hammered Bell Design

A rounded tuning slide allows for smoother air-flow and a flexible feel.

Monel Pistons

Monel alloy pistons are extremely durable and allow for easy valve-strokes and maximum finger-dexterity.

Nickel-Silver Outer Slides

Nickel-silver is valued for its strong and dent-resistant properties.

Boxed Bronze Springs

3rd Valve Slide Stopper

Heavy Wall Resonance Receiver

The heavy-wall receiver supports a rich, warm tone.

Two Sets of Valve Caps (Heavy / Standard)

Semi-Precious Stone Valve Buttons

Beautiful, semi-precious valve buttons are a novel part of each Cannonball trumpet.

Semi-Precious Resonance Stone

Mouthpiece, Cleaning Kit, Professional Hard-Shell Case

Each trumpet comes equipped with a professional mouthpiece, mouthpiece brush, cleaning-snake, valve oil, cleaning cloth, slide grease, and a professional, hard-shell case.

Acoustically Customized and Adjusted by a Professional

The most important thing that sets Cannonball apart is the acoustical customizing that we do to every instrument. Specially trained and talented acoustical adjusters work on each trumpet, adjusting the bore, air flow, and more until they are satisfied that each horn has an open feel, effortless slotting, and a focused and resonant tone. When you pick up a Cannonball trumpet, we want you to enjoy it as much as our acoustical technicians do - we want you to say, "I can't put this horn down!"

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