(779-L) Flugelhorn - Lacquered

(779) Flugelhorn - Raw Brass

779 Professional Flugelhorn
The 779 Professional Flugelhorn represents a hybrid of old and new. The French Tapered mouthpipe and unique wood bracing (pat.pen.) contribute to the vintage flugel sound. However the extra large bell allows for a huge sound on demand. Cannonball's 779 flugelhorn is extremely responsive. Intonation is superb. Tone and feel are consistent from the lowest to highests note. This creates an ease in the upper range that will surprise and gratify players and audiences alike. Available in Lacquered and Raw Brass.


Cocobolo Wood
Cocobolo wood bracing (pat pen) for improved tone and feel. Cocobolo wood valve buttons.

Outstanding Tone
Dark, compelling tone.

Superior High Register
The 779 Flugelhorn plays easily in
the high range without compromises.

Monel Pistons
Cannonball trumpets feature monel
piston valves. Monel is a malleable
metal alloy that ensures smooth and
long lasting action. The metal
re-arranges its shape with every
stroke to insure a proper, tight fit
and alignment with its casing. Monel
resists pitting and corrosion so you
won't have to have your valves
re-plated. The metal also retains the
valve oil longer than other leading

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Bore Size: .415"

Bell Diameter: 6.38"

Produces a clear tone with great response and ring. It is versatile for many situations and styles.

One-Piece Hand-Hammered Bell

Each Cannonball Flugelhorn bell is meticulously hand-smoothed and evened for unparalleled focus and resonance.

Monel Pistons

Monel alloy pistons are extremely durable and allow for easy valve-strokes and maximum finger-dexterity.

Semi-Precious Stone Valve Buttons

Beautiful, Cocobolo wood bracing contributes to a warm tone and superior feel.

Acoustically Customized and Adjusted by a Professional

The most important thing that sets Cannonball apart is the acoustical customizing that we do to every instrument. Specially trained and talented acoustical adjusters work on each trumpet, adjusting the bore, air flow, and more until they are satisfied that each horn has an open feel, effortless slotting, and a focused and resonant tone. When you pick up a Cannonball trumpet, we want you to enjoy it as much as our acoustical technicians do - we want you to say, "I can't put this horn down!"

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