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Silver Plated Keys
Classic Bell and Barrel
Gold Plated Keys
Fjord Bell and Barrel
Veloce Features:
  • Unstained Grenadilla Wood
  • Silver Plated Keys
  • Hand Customized Cocobolo Fjord Bell and Barrel Set Included
  • Hand Customized Grenadilla Classic Bell and Barrel Set Included
  • Hard Rubber Mouthpiece
  • Acoustically Hand Customized in Salt Lake City, Utah
Available Finishes: (Click for more pictures and sound description)
Available in Silver Plated Keys. Each Veloce Professional Bb Clarinet comes standard with a Classic Grenadilla bell and barrel set for a traditional response and tone, and a Cocobolo Fjord Style Bell and Barrel set for a lighter tone and response.
Endorsers: Arezzo Piacere

Dr. Bill Holman
James Goldapp

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