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Mad Meg™ Unfinished
Black Nickel / Gold Lacquer
Black Nickel / Silver Plating
Raven™ - Iced Black Nickel Body / Black Nickel Keys
Black Nickel
Brute™ - Aged Patina Treatment
DescriptionFeaturesFinishesSemi-Precious StonesEndorsers
  • Two hand customized necks
  • 16 semi-precious stones
  • Resonance Stone on neck
  • High F#
  • Ribbed construction
  • Laser engraved detachable bell and bow
  • Triple annealed brass bell
  • High quality imported Italian pads
  • Brass resonators with nickel plating
  • Blue steel springs
  • Upper and lower stack adjustment screws
  • Power forged keys
  • Acoustically customized and adjusted by a professional
The professional level Big Bell® Stone Series™ helps create a Big Bold Warm sound and yet allows you to play with the most subtle nuances. Each Big Bell Stone Series saxophone comes standard with two hand-customized necks. The first is the original style neck, creating a traditional sound. The second is the FAT NECK® which has the octave tube is on the under side of the neck, creating less resistance of air-flow, resulting in a FAT sound - more lows, more mids, less highs. Visually, the Big Bell Stone Series combines medieval art with nature's stunning beauty. Sixteen semi-precious stones form the deep earth adorn specially designed keys, necks and lightweight guards. The combination of the stones, the hand-drawn design of the guards and engravings, and the unique array of finishes make each saxophone an art piece in itself.

We designed the Big Bell® Stone Series™ Saxophones for you to be able to play without limits, feeling each note vibrate in your hands.

Endorsers: Stone Series Soprano

Gerald Albright - Gerald Albright Signature Series Straight - (GS5-B)
Gerald Albright - Gerald Albright Signature Series Curved- Silver Body/ Black Bell and Keys (GSC5-SB)
Najee - Hotspur Curved - Satin Black Nickel / Satin Silver Plating (SC5-HS)
Dr. Ray Smith - Black Nickel - (A5-B)
Marcus Miller - Raven Straight Soprano
Antonio Allen - Raven Straight Soprano
Kieth Anderson - Raven ARC Soprano

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