Sjoerd van Eerdenburg

"A Cannonball is such a professional horn you can trust and lean on in every situation. My Hotspur-tenor is a really eye-catcher which let me play from soft and slow up to the full register. I'm proud to to play Cannonball alto & tenor." ~ Sjoerd van Eerdenburg


Saxy Mr. S is an international musical James Dean. With shows regularly abroad he takes the night to a higher level, adding value by using his sax with great timing. Any professional saxophonist can play, but Saxy Mr. S really makes a statement when he sets foot in stage. He adapts to the music lifting the base track up with smooth lines and powerfull solos.

Both technically as physically he mastered his profession: entertainer. Saxy Mr. S believes that any man can do a one man show, but only a professional can involve his audience and make the night unforgettable.

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