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(Ascep-L) Alto
Gold Lacquer
(Ascep-BL) Alto
Black Nickel / Gold Lacquer
(Ascep-BS) Alto
Black Nickel / Silver Plating
(Tscep-L) Tenor
Gold Lacquer
(Tscep-BL) Tenor
Black Nickel / Gold Lacquer
(Tscep-BS) Tenor
Black Nickel / Silver Plating
DescriptionFeaturesFinishesSemi-Precious StonesEndorsers
  • Case and Accessories
  • Hard Rubber Mouthpiece
  • Blue Abalone Finger Buttons
  • Hand-designed Laser Engraving
  • High F#
  • Italian Leather Pads
  • Brass Resonators with Nickel Plating
  • Italian Blue Steel Springs
  • Ribbed Construction
  • Upper and Lower Stack Adjustment Screws
  • Detachable Bell and Bow
  • Annealed Body and Necks
  • Triple-Annealed Bell
  • Hand-Customized by a Professional
Available Finishes: (Click for more pictures and sound description)
Sceptyr Semi-Pro Series saxophones are designed for the advancing saxophonist looking for a step-up instrument that stands high above its peers. This series includes many features from our Professional saxophone models.

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