Robert Zuckerman

"Initially looking for a back-up horn, I happened upon the Cannonball 'Raven' Big Bell tenor saxophone and found that it outperformed my main axe with a superior 'fat' low end, superior balance and intonation throughout, smooth key mechanism and feel, great harmonic overtones allowing ease in the altismo range, and a great overall sound. After getting over the shock and counterintuitive notion that the Cannonballs should not be more affordable than the other available professional horns, I am happily 'sold' on the Cannonball horns. My Cannonball is now my main axe. I recently have been playing the 'Raven' Big Bell curved soprano saxophone which has the elusive soprano sound I have desired and had been unable to find. I have not had this much fun playing since I was a kid (a few years ago)." ~ Robert Zuckerman

Saxophonist with San Francisco/Bay Area legend Lydia Pence and Cold Blood

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