Did you know that our company is named and based on a Medieval theme? We even have a life-size knight stationed in our building named Carlos. Some of our models, finishes or accessories are based on this theme.
Mad Meg
This horn with no finish and no lacquer is named after a monster Medieval cannon created in 1476 which was designed to fire stone cannonballs. It is 18 ft long (5.4 m), 10 ft around (3.1 m) and 3 ft (0.9 m) wide at the mouth. Located in Ghent, Belgium.

Since medieval times, the tower of London has been inhabited by ravens. It is said that as long as they stay, the country will be protected and powerful.
This beautiful silver and black nickel horn is named after an impulsive, good-looking knight with a great reputation as a warrior. Henry Percy was born at Alnwick Castle in 1366. He was nicknamed "Hotspur" by his enemies for his fearlessness and speed in battle.

Bavarian Lion
The Great Bavarian Coat of Arms has included the Lion since 1214. Our reverse lead pipe trumpet takes it's name from the Lion because of the sound. Ext-ROAR-dinary.
This unusual patent-pending neck design takes its name from Hugh d'Avranches who was the first Earl of Chester. He was nicknamed "Hugh the Fat". The name fits the FAT NECK because of its FAT sound.

Black Knight, White Knight, Royal Crown, Excalibur
All early saxophone models
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Drag'n Swab
Shaped like the scales on a dragon's back, this multi-cloth swab helps clean and absorb moisture from the inside of saxophones in a fabulous way, even brushing by the tone holes and pads.

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