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Silver Plated
DescriptionFeaturesFinishesSemi-Precious StonesEndorsers
  • Lightweight One-Piece Bell Design
  • Cannonball Resonance Receiver
  • Unique Resonance Bracing for Vibrancy (patent-pending)
  • Medium-Large Bore
  • Bigger Big Bell Design
  • Hand-fit Molen Pistons
  • Boxed Bronze Springs
  • Hand-Hammered One Piece Bell
  • Meticulous Hand-Smoothing and Evening of Bell Brass for Unparalleled Focus and Resonance
  • Nickel-Silver Outer Slides
  • Stopper at the 3rd Valve Slide
  • Heavy-Wall Resonance Receiver
  • Specially Designed Engraving
  • Two Sets of Valve Caps(Standard / Heavy)
  • Semi-Precious Stone Valve Buttons
  • Semi-Precious Resonance Stone (patented)
  • Set up, Adjusted, and Acoustically Customized by a Professional
Available Finishes: (Click for more pictures and sound description)
With its lightweight design and light bell, the Lynx is the perfect trumpet for "blow your socks off" high notes and zingy, vibrant tone. The new, sleek braces give the trumpet a unique, modern look and are specifically designed to promote free vibration throughout the range of the horn, while improving tone and intonation.
Endorsers: Lynx

Winston Byrd

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