Lynn Sampson

"There are only three reasons to buy any trumpet: intonation, valve action, and tone. Cannonballs have excellent intonation. I never use the first or third valve slide to bring a note in tune. The valve action on a Cannonball is phenomenal. When I play long lyric passages of Bach on any other instrument, I have to constantly struggle to make slurred notes come out smoothly. The first moment I picked up a Cannonball this problem was eliminated with its vented valves and weighted valve buttons. Long flowing Baroque chorale prelude melody accompaniments, which can last as long as five minutes or more uninterrupted, can be played on a Cannonball almost effortlessly and seamlessly. The tone of a Cannonball is the rarest of all trumpet sounds. It is edgy enough, yet welcoming and warm. The luckiest thing I ever did for my professional career was switch to a Cannonball." ~ Lynn Sampson


Lynn Sampson graduated from Brigham Young University High School, Provo, Utah (1967) and has a Certificate in Shakespeare Studies from The Shakespeare Academy, Modesto Junior College, Modesto, California (2001), an Associate of Arts in Theater, also from Modesto Junior College (2007), a Bachelor of Arts in Humanities from Colorado Mesa University, Grand Junction, Colorado (1990), and an Advanced Diploma in Education from The University of London (2002).

His principal teachers for classical trumpet were Dr. Newell Dayley, Professor Emeritus of Music at Brigham Young University, and, at The Aspen Music School, Bernard Adelstein, former first chair trumpet of The Cleveland Orchestra. His principal teacher for jazz trumpet is two-time Grammy winner Roy Hargrove. Inspired by pianist Claudio Arrau and contralto Jennie Tourel, he promotes the trumpet as a singing instrument. His international career began in 1989 with a recital at London's Westminster Central Hall. He performs extensively having received acclaim for his interpretations of the music of Bach. Lynn Sampson performs exclusively on Cannonball instruments. His trumpet is a Cannonball Stone Series "Mad Meg" dated Markneukirchen, Saxony, Germany 2011.

He performs the old standards of the 1930s, '40s, and '50s by the masters of American and Brazilian popular song, such as Cole Porter, Richard Rogers, George Gershwin, and Carlos Jobim. His Jazz Ensemble presents these classics in a smooth, soft, melody driven style. One of his most recent performances was on Memorial Day at The Sacramento Music Festival in Sacramento, California. Among the selections were Fats Waller's "Ain't Misbehaven'" and Gershwin’s "A Foggy Day." Many in the crowd aboard the Delta King ferry boat anchored in the Sacramento River delta, traveled from out-of-state returning a third and fourth year in a row to hear Mr. Sampson perform at one of the world’s largest jazz venues.

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