Katja Rieckermann

"I love the Cannonball tenor! It feels like a Mark 6 and has a very big and warm sound that cuts through great in any musical situation. Also, the intonation is impeccable throughout the whole register. I have been getting a lot of compliments on the design (black nickel plated body with silver plated keys). It's very rock 'n roll and classy at the same time." ~ Katja Rieckermann

Plays with Rod Stewart and Brooks and Dunn


Talented, attractive and sexy, Katja Rieckermann truly is a "Horn Star." Born and raised in Luebeck, a small town in the north of Germany, she moved to Hamburg to study music. Restless and looking for a challenge, she eventually made it to Hollywood, California, the starting point of so many successful careers.

One of Katja's first high profile performances was with the rock band Scorpions in 1997 followed by a guest appearance with the Canadian rock band Saga. In true Hollywood fashion, Katja was eventually cast as a regular on the hit television series "Alley McBeal" and in the feature film Star Trek "Nemesis." With increased high profiled visibility, the entertainment industry quickly took notice of Katja's musical talent.

In 2001, Katja had the opportunity of a lifetime when she went on the Rod Stewart Human World tour 2001 and 2002. This opportunity gave her the ability to prove herself as a soloist, performing with a super star on an international stage.

Since then, Katja has been on countless tours, concerts, TV performances, award shows and recordings with big stars like Al Green, Carol King, Brooks and Dunn, Rue Paul, Jeff Goldblum, and Branscombe Richmont, to name a few. Katja has performed in front of musicians, VIP's and music fans from all over the world, including the Queen of England!

In 2007 Katja released her self-titled debut CD, title "KATJA." She also established her role as the lead saxophonist in Rod Stewart's band.

In 2008 another big time musician with the same last name as Rod, hired Katja to record saxophone on his Songbook, Vol 1: Dave Stewart from the Eurithmics. This occasion was followed by a couple of live performances with his Rock Fabulous Orchestra.

Inspired by her work with big stars, Katja has been working on her 2nd CD for the last 3 years. Sandi Strmljan, an extremely talented musician, songwriter and producer, produced this progressive new project. Together, they created a new sound that combines pop, jazz, dance and electro house with a sophisticated horn section. The name of the project "Horn Star" is well earned.

In Horn Star, Katja shows off her hardcore musical talent; her sensual presence and ability to please an audience shines through in every song.

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