Jung Sick Lee

“Cannonball saxophones facilitate a beautiful sonority that effortlessly projects a singing quality. The timbre and ergonomics of my Cannonball are superior to any other saxophone I’ve played.” ~ Jung Sick Lee


An influential professor and artist, Professor Jung Sick Lee has a great impact on jazz musicians in South Korea. He is heavily involved as area director of the Korea Association of Performing Artists, Vice chairman of the Korea Jazz Association, Suwon Cultural Advisory Committee member, conductor of CBS Jazz Orchestra, and professor of music at Suwon Women’s University. Some of the performances throughout his career include playing with the Gang-Seop Kim band, 1988 Korea Olympics Jazz Festival, Fukuoka Asian Jazz All Stars Festival, Korea Muju Jazz Festival, Finland Tori Jazz Festivals. In 2010 he was awarded the prestigious Ministry of Popular Culture.

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