Eiji Otogawa

"Cannonball is fat and powerful! Easy to control! And versatile!" ~ Eiji Otogawa


In 1984, Eiji Otogawa went to Berklee College of Music as a scholarship student In 1990, returned to Tokyo and started playing at clubs, doing tours and studio works. In 1994, went to New York and played with musicians such as Aaron Scott, Gene Lake, Phil Markowitz. Played at venues like 5 Spot, Bradley's, Place on the Park. In 1996, after returning to Japan, played with many musicians and played in many groups. Glidephonic, Quiet Leaves, Junky Funk, T.P.O, Nervio, BO-JO … to name a few. In 2001, started his own quartet. In 2003, released his own album “New & Old Wonder”.

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