Daniel Freire Cruz

"In the course of my activities as a professional musician have dealt with various brands of saxophone, always looking for a tool that met my needs and artistic techniques. By knowing the Cannonball finally found everything I ever envisioned for a saxophone. The quality of your sound allows the expression of the musical text in a complete and versatile artist facilitating the communication of their feelings. In addition to many other qualities, the result is a powerful sound, the pitch is immaculate throughout length of the instrument, there very easily in the emission of sound and, in addition to numerous other qualities, is an aesthetically beautiful instrument! One of the most important features of the Saxophone Cannoball is to have two necks, which opens a wide range of possibilities the kicker, giving the sensation of having two instruments in one." ~ Daniel Freire Cruz.


Was born on 21/04/1988 in Vitória, Espírito Santo, Brazil. Majoring in Saxophone at the Faculty of Music of Espírito Santo - FAMES and works as gazetted musician in the Band of the Military Police of the state of Espírito Santo.

His first contact with music was at eight, the Baptist Church of Praia do Canto, Vitória/ES , where he reunites with his family to the present day . At the time, received musical guidance of teacher Berenice Rosa and conductor Almir Rosa. As at 15 knows the saxophone, getting great support from their parents. In 2003, he joined the College of Musical Training FAMES, with emphasis on saxophone, taking lessons for four years, with the teacher, saxophonist and conductor Antonio Paulo Filho.

Participated in major schools like Pop & Jazz Orchestra IFES (conductor Celio Paula); Fames Jazz Band (conductor Antonio Paulo Filho); Vitória Café Orchestra (conductor Everson Salazar).

During his training, he had the opportunity to take classes and/or play with:

International Artists Bob Mintzer (USA), Idriss Boudrioua (FRA), Sax Gordon (USA), Aldo Salvent (CUB), Miguel Villafruela (CUB), Emiliano Barri (ARG), Arno Bornkamp (HOL), Ray Moore (USA), Ian Guest (HUN), Pete Best (UK), Quartour Elipsos (FRA), Jazz Combo Box (FRA).

Brazilian Artists Roberto Menescal, Daniel D' Ancântara, Widor Santiago, Marcelo Martins, Ademir Júnior, Spok, Zé Canuto, Marcelo Coelho, David Ganc, Mário Sève, Mauro Senise, Duda, Paul Levi, Marco Tulio Pinto, Dilson Florencio, Pedro Bittencourt, Rafael Velloso, Elba Ramalho, Bruno Mangueira, Gilson Peranzzetta, Lupa Santiago, Ney Conceição, Sidmar Vieira, Giovani Malini, Turi Collura, Nailson Simões, Dario Sotelo, André Cardoso, Fabio Ninn, Anor Junior, among others.

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