Antonio Allen

"I LOVE my Cannonball Alto & Soprano saxes. You can't beat the tone, the feel and (the look...I might add) of a Cannonball sax!!! From the lower to the altissimo registers, it's very consistent and smooth. For those of you who think you can't beat the sound of a vintage horn, try Cannonball. I know you will be pleasantly surprised." ~ Antonio Allen

Gospel Jazz Artist


Some people go their entire lives without truly knowing what their calling or "purpose" is here on earth. Antonio Allen is grateful that he was first given a sign at the tender age of 3. Antonio would do what's known as "hoopin" in the black church. Barely able to speak clearly, he was able to say..."YOU BETTER LIVE RIGHT! YOU BETTER LIVE RIGHT!" It was cute and highly requested for him to do that, being that he was always in a church setting. Antonio's mother, now deceased, was a COGIC pastor in the Atlanta area for several years. It was his mother who stopped him from "hoopin" because Antonio would only do it if he was given a $1. She didn't want him to PREACH FOR ONLY THE LOVE OF MONEY.... Even after he stopped at age 3, Antonio was always told and he always knew deep inside that he would one day minister again.

Antonio received another strong sign from GOD at the age of about 19. Already a fixture on the restaurant/nightclub scene in Atlanta, playing his sax professionally for a few years by that time, Antonio was given a powerful dream. He recalls waking up one morning saying loudly..."I CAN DO IT! I CAN DO IT! I CAN DO IT!" The first thing he did was call one of the guys in his band and continued to say..."I CAN DO IT! I CAN DO IT!" No one knew what it was that he was saying he could do because he wasn't saying anything else. What GOD had revealed to Antonio in a dream was how to do a technique known as "circular breathing". If you have ever witnessed Antonio live in action, you would know that he is known for holding looooong notes for several minutes. It's literally BREATHTAKING to watch. For a while, Antonio used his gift to entertain audiences in the secular field. Now, Antonio has decided to use his gifts primarily in church, which is where he started.

With such strong signs from GOD, Antonio, along with his wife Tia have set out to share his music ministry with the world. Even though Antonio has been playing professionally for over 20 years, he feels as if he is just starting in his venture because of his new focus. Fully surrendering to GOD has given Antonio a new zeal and desire to take his music to the next level. He has already had the opportunity to open for and/or performed with such notables as Fred Hammond, Jennifer Holiday, Jonathan Nelson, Melvin Williams, Marcus Cole, Kem, the late Wayman Tisdale, Najee, Bebe Winans, Kirk Whalum, Kim Waters, Silk, Tony Rich, Darwin Hobbs, Joanne Rosario, Darlene McCoy, Kevin Lavar, Leon Timbo, Canton Jones, and Trinity 5 7 among others. Now he looks forward to sharing his music ministry with churches worldwide as GOD is continuing to open doors that he couldn't even imagine.

Two of Antonio's more memorable highlights include performing the National Anthem for the Democratic National Convention and a soul stirring performance at the National Baptist Convention in front of thousands.

To date, Antonio has released 4 CDs. "Lost Without Hymn", "Forever and Always", "The Air I Breathe", and his latest, "The Ultimate Gift".

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