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(789RL-S) Reverse Leadpipe
Silver Plated
(789RL-L) Reverse Leadpipe
Retro-Gold Lacquer
(789RL-B) Reverse Leadpipe
Black Nickel
(789RL-BiceB) Reverse Leadpipe
Raven™ - Satin Black Nickel
(789RL) Reverse Leadpipe
Mad Meg™ Unfinished
DescriptionFeaturesFinishesSemi-Precious StonesEndorsers
  • Reverse Leadpipe
  • Medium-Large Bore
  • Bigger Big Bell Design
  • Hand-fit Molen Pistons
  • Boxed Bronze Springs
  • Hand-Hammered One Piece Bell
  • Meticulous Hand-Smoothing and Evening of Bell Brass for Unparalleled Focus and Resonance
  • Nickel-Silver Outer Slides
  • Stopper at the 3rd Valve Slide
  • Heavy-Wall Resonance Receiver
  • Specially Designed Engraving
  • Two Sets of Valve Caps(Standard / Heavy)
  • Semi-Precious Stone Valve Buttons
  • Semi-Precious Resonance Stone (patented)
  • Set up, Adjusted, and Acoustically Customized by a Professional
With its reverse leadpipe design, medium-large bore, and even bigger Big Bell design (5.25" bell diameter), the 789RL "Bavarian Lion" is a free-blowing dream giving you the potential to roar while maintaining a quality of sound ideal for both leading or filling out a section.
Endorsers: Model 789RL

Winston Byrd (789RL-S)
Farnell Newton (789RL-BiceB)
Tracey D Hooker
Ronnie Buttacavolli

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